Introducing Dakota CC's New Youth Sport Council

By being responsible for all matters directly related to the conduct of Dakota Community Centre’s youth sports program, the Dakota Youth Sport Council plays a vital role in the St. Vital youth sport community.

Established by the Board of Directors, the Dakota Sport Council (the ‘Council’) is responsible for addressing youth sport program needs and issues for which further board direction, support or input may be required.

The Dakota Sport Council is responsible for all matters directly related to the conduct of the youth sports programs at Dakota Community Centre Inc. The Council also serves as the focal point for discussion on issues of common concern among the various sports as identified by the sport convenors. Through the Council, all youth sports will continue to have a direct line to the Board of Directors via the Accountable Board Member for Sports Programs (ABM). 

The first meeting of the Council took place in April 2017 chaired by Christopher Chapman, Member Accountable for Sports Programs and a member of Dakota CC’s Board of Directors at   Sport Council members include the youth sport convenors Brent Amos (basketball) at Luc Jubinville (baseball) at Pram Tappia (soccer) at Moe Berard (softball) at Clifton Dorge (hockey) at Brenna Smeall & Blair Brouillette (ringette) at and DCC staff support members Randy Anderson (Program Director) at and Jared Neufeld (Program Coordinator and Mini Soccer sport convenor) at 

“The Council was formed so we could set goals as a unit,” states Chris Chapman. This way all the youth sports through Dakota CC would be following the same vision. Through the Council we can form a collaborative goal for all the youth sport programs at Dakota CC and ensure some semblance of consistency for all involved.”  

This collaboration and unified vision between sports also aids in other areas. Chapman added, “With this new structure, if a convenor on the Council were to step down, the person stepping into that position could be brought up to speed that much faster and, hopefully without any impact to the functioning of the sport season. There is more of a support system in place.”

The Dakota CC Youth Sport Council will be the centre for important discussions involving youth sports at DCC, and will play a fundamental role in providing the best possible experience for all involved. 



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