Fieldhouse Construction Entering the "Home Stretch"

Construction on the 60,000 sq ft. Fieldhouse at Dakota CC is progressing on schedule for a Fall 2017 Grand Opening.  As we head into the home stretch of construction, much attention continues to be placed on the finishing details to ensure this world-class facility meets the needs of our community and the necessary expectations of the growing list of user groups. 

From volleyball, basketball, badminton and pickleball to baseball, table tennis, judo and disc sports, to name a few – the sport community has begun flocking to DCC to learn more about the opportunities for their respective sports in this premier sport and recreation facility. 

With 3 full size basketball courts, 3 main and 6 cross court volleyball courts, 12 badminton/pickleball courts in an overlaid court design in nearly 30,000 sq ft of open gym space, dividable into 6 separate spaces, the Fieldhouse will offer a spectacular setting for these sports and many other user groups looking for indoor gym  space in our community.  Among its many highlights, the Fieldhouse will boast 9 m ceilings within the main fields of play, along with a high quality hardwood playing surface, preferred by most of the sport users and a necessary surface for wheelchair athletes.

As word of the Fieldhouse addition spread,  we began to get a clearer sense that the primary client groups would be sport users and, that these users would more than fill the space offered in this new facility.  At the same time, we were learning more about the potential to host provincial, national and international events for a wide variety of sports and abilities, given the size and configuration of this unique facility.  This, coupled with increasing feedback from the sports and concerns surrounding the long-term performance of the specified rubber floor product, we felt this decision needed to be revisited.  Further researched raised performance issues based on our observations and the experiences of other users and, highlighted the difficulty wheelchairs had with maneuvering on such a surface.  These findings helped move decision makers towards a change to a hardwood surface that would enable the Centre to host events at the highest level of sport, satisfy the majority of users and, extend the useful life of the playing service for more than 50 years.  With this change and the keen attention to detail to all aspects of this unique and important project,  we remain very confident that the Fieldhouse will be a premier sport, recreation and wellness facility, coveted among all user groups for many years to come!

While the exterior and interior finishing continues, recent opportunities to tour the construction site and building interior have given the Centre's staff, board and fundraising leadership and others, a chance to see first hand the future possibilities of this world-class addition.  Taking in the view from the 200 m 3-lane track on the mezzanine level to the gymnasium space below, is an amazing site to behold and, gives a clear perspective of the spectacular facility that will be a welcomed addition to our community and to the Dakota Community Centre this Fall.



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