Dakota CC Hockey Camps Teach More Than Basic Skills

It’s more than simply shooting a puck around a sheet of ice.

J.P. Vigier, who played professionally in the NHL, is the man responsible for creating and overseeing the hockey camp programs at Dakota CC.   J.P. and dedicated staff have taught numerous kids the finer points of playing hockey and other specifics with the goal of bringing out the best in their players.

It’s no easy task piecing together a coherent and effective hockey camp. Effective planning and strong organization are only a couple of the necessities for making the most  of each hockey camp.

“Creating the camps consist of planning out each day. Planning what we’ll work on. I have to look at the week overall and break down each day,” says J.P. Vigier, camp creator and head instructor. “Also we have to take into account the level of each player and how fast or slowly he or she will  progress. Everyone is different.”   

Working with an assortment of young player’s ages 7 to 17 years old with a variation in skill level adds to the challenge of organizing each day. Facing this challenge means working on a variety of different skills that are appropriate for the age of the child while focusing on the ability of each player so he or  she can make the most out of each day.  

(Above) Athletes work hard perfecting the drills!

Focusing on these details is essential to operating the camps. J.P. says, “This helps make sure the day stays on track. It helps make the days flow smoothly.”

J.P. designs Dakota’s hockey camps to incorporate everything from power skating, stick handling, and shooting. On top of building these critical skills, nutrition and the ABCs (agility, balance, coordination and speed) of athlete development are brought into play.

“The camps work on details and specifics that can be forgotten about during the hockey season,” says J.P. And since nutrition, active recovery and rest periods are merged into the camps it helps keep the body and mind healthy.

When asked about what other specifics help make these hockey camps great training J.P. says “My staff and I pay attention to the details while building strong and positive relationships between players and their instructors.”

The hockey camps are a great opportunity to increase the players’ skill level in a positive, supportive environment where he or  she can meet new people forming new relationships.

And there is even more great news! Summer Hockey Camps are  just around the corner with half day and full day camps through August, 2017

Sign up NOW!  To register for Summer Hockey Camp visit http://bit.ly/2nazu7P

For more information contact jpvigier@dakotacc.com       

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