• Age groups:  7/8 – 9/10 – 11/12 – 13/14 – 15-17  (players will play in their age division from this past winter season)
  • Both free agent (individual entries) and Team registration is welcome.  Individuals are welcome to sign up requesting to play with other individuals on a free agent team.
  • Will balance divisions as required to match skill level when necessary.
  • Rules follow Hockey Mb, with following changes: No icings, penalties all result in penalty shots (with opposing players chasing from far blue line (starting on knees) with rebound of the shot being live play.  Games are 3 -17 minute run time periods.
  • Games will have referee and timekeeper, online stats/standings will be kept.
  • The idea of the league is around fun, and developing skills/staying on the ice over the summer.  Coaching strategies are to be kept minimal. 
  • All players receive a free league jersey.
  • All games are Mon-Thur and or Sun evenings at Dakota CC.  (ie No Friday/Saturday games, & no Sunday games before 5:30pm).
  • Individual Fee - $225
  • Team Fee - $2500 (recommend 10-12 skaters and a goalie).


Contact Anthony Knapp

204-254-1010 ext. 201