Camp Info

How to Register

Online registration click the link below! - Registration opens February 1st for Spring Camps!

Register in-person at the Dakota Fieldhouse Reception Desk

  • Monday to Sunday, 6:00am to 10:00pm

Registration Deadline 2020

  • Spring: Friday, March 27, 2020
  • Summer: Friday, June 26, 2020

Online registration info

First time participants will need to set up an account within Maxgalaxy. Follow the link above to create your account. If you need assistance, please call the Fieldhouse reception at 204-254-1010 ext. 215. Returning participants can log in to their account and choose their camp or program.


All DCC Summer Day Camp staff is chosen by their experience, ability to relate to children and leadership skills. Staff receives training which includes program development, CPR & First Aid Certification, water safety, and inclusion training as applicable to their role.

Camp Hours

  • Drop off: 8:00am to 8:45am
  • Camp activity hours: 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Pick up: 4:00pm to 5:00pm


Dakota Community Centre | 1188 Dakota Street | R2N 3H4| Winnipeg, MB

Drop off and pick up: Jonathan Toews Sportsplex Gymnasium

Check in

Upon arrival, check in to the program with our leaders before making your way into the gymnasium. Group lists are posted near the entrance of the Sportsplex Gym. Find the program you have selected and your name will appear on one of the group lists below. Parent/guardians sign in their child by writing in drop off time and signature. Camp staff should also be notified at this time if someone other than an authorized person is picking the child up at the end of the day. Note the person picking up the child must provide photo ID before the child will be released into their care.

First day

Arrival and check-in on the first day is typically slower compared to other days of the week. Please allow yourself some additional time to get checked in.

Late arrivals

If you arrive after 9am, check-in at the reception desk in the Dakota Fieldhouse. We will connect you with your group!                         


Our program is action-packed. We recommend sending a healthy lunch with additional snacks throughout the day. Microwaves are not available.

Allergy aware environment

We do our best to create an environment that is allergy aware but we cannot guarantee that all spaces will be free of your child’s allergens.

Participants are expected to bring food that does not include nuts. In the event of a severe food allergy in your child’s group, you may be expected to avoid additional foods or ingredients.

Lunch hour activities

Participants may be shown a G-rated movie for a portion of the lunch hour. In addition to nutrition and hydration the lunch hour is designed as a rest & recovery period for the participants before they resume their afternoon activities.

Check out

Find your group sign and check out with our leaders by presenting your photo identification. Children will only be released to individuals that have been authorized for pick up and produce Photo ID.

Absent from camp

If you are not able to make it to your scheduled programming for the day, please let us know by telling your group leader in advance or by calling 204-254-1010 or sending an email to

What to bring (please label all items with your child’s name)

The day is action packed. We recommend you come prepared with:

  •  water bottle
  •  A hat - recommended if going outside
  • Sunscreen & bug spray
  • physical activity clothing such as indoor runners, shorts, t-shirt and sweatshirt in case of cooler temperatures
  • a bagged lunch that does not require a microwave

Choose your Camp:

Active Explorer

  •  Ages 6-10
  • Explore all kinds of sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball, pickleball, badminton and more!
  •  We like to play games and stay active all day in this camp.

Art Camp

  • Ages 6-10
  • Get creative with paint, drawing, paper mache and more!
  •  Stay active with some games and activities mixed into each day

Mad Science

July 13-17: Radical Robots

  • Children learn about the uses of robots in our world and spend time experimenting with super cool red-hot robots. They discover the science of circuits and how robots use sensors to explore things around them. They build their very own working robot to take home with them!

Aug 24 - 28: Extreme Science

  • Here at Mad Science we’re looking forward to bringing Extreme Science camp. This is the camp that made summer an exciting time for our budding Mad Scientists. Each day has its own theme from Heat (with humongous solar balloon to solar ovens to cotton candy) to Ice (of course Dry Ice and to top it off we make ice-cream without a machine!) and Bugs; join us on a bug safari and the campers design a bug habitat. And on the final day we have a spectacular rocket launch...parents welcome. In addition, each camper will make his/her own rocket to take home and launch! (Under supervision, of course.)

Hockey Development

  •  Age groups 7-9 & 10-12
  •  Instruction in shooting, passing, skating and more provided by former NHLer JP Vigier
  • Scrimmages, games and off-ice training included
  • Off-ice games and activities each day


  • Ages 8-12
  • Learn the fundamentals and techniques to improve your game
  • Scrimmages, fun games and contests!
  • Mixed in with some recreational activities that include outdoor adventures (weather permitting)


  • Ages 8-12
  • Learn the fundamentals and techniques to improve your game
  • Scrimmages, fun games and contests!
  • Try beach volleyball! We have 4 outdoor courts (weather permitting)


  • Ages 10-13
  • Designed to provide children and youth with a wide variety of sport, recreation and fitness related activities.
  • Kids that play multiple sports at the early stages of development stay active longer and are more likely to find success later in competitive sports.
  • Participants are exposed to the skills, rules and game play in a variety of sports in a fun, safe and entertaining way.
Spring Camps
Camps Ages Dates Cost
Active Explorer 6-10 Mar 30- Apr 3 $219
Hockey Development 7-11 Mar 30-Apr 3 $417
Summer Camps
Camp Ages Dates Cost
Basketball 8-12 July 13-17 $219
Mad Science 8-12 July 13-17 $190
Art Camp 6-10 July 20-24 $219
Active Explorer 6-10 July 20-24 $219
Volleyball 8-12 July 27-31 $219
Art Camp 6-10 July 27-31 $219
Active Explorer 6-10 Aug 4-7 $177
Hockey Development 7-9 Aug 10-14 $417
Multi-Sport 10-13 Aug 10-14 $219
Active Explorer 6-10 Aug 17-21 $219
Hockey Development 10-12 Aug 17-21 $417
Basketball 8-12 Aug 24-28 $219
Hockey Development 7-9 Aug 24-28 $417
Mad Science 8-12 Aug 24-28 $190
Volleyball 8-12 Aug 31-Sept 4 $219
Hockey Development 10-12 Aug 31-Sept 4 $417