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Giving Back to the Community

On April 19, the Grade 9 boys’ basketball team from Glenlawn Collegiate, in partnership with Dakota Community Centre, used money they raised to run a basketball camp for Glenwood School’s Grade 5 and 6 students. Dakota Community Centre’s Basketball Program was able to donate basketballs for the kids to use during the camp.

The 9th grade boys came up with the idea to run the basketball camp themselves. After running a canteen back in February for a Glenlawn home tournament, they found themselves with extra proceeds from selling food, raffle tickets and gift baskets.  Instead of spending the money on themselves, they came up with the idea to give back to the community instead.  They decided to use the money to run a basketball skills camp for the younger Glenwood kids that would soon be coming to Glenlawn, and ignite their interest in playing the sport they love.  They also bought the food and drinks that were served at the camp.

“The importance of volunteerism at Dakota Community Centre and Glenlawn has always been emphasized.” Says Brent Amos, Director of Basketball at Dakota Community Centre. “These are amazing guys!”

The tenacious Grade 9 boys of Glenlawn ran the camp with the help of Jeremy Amos and Devin Antymniuk, assistant coaches on the Glenlawn boys’ basketball team.  Both Jeremy and Devin got their start in basketball as players at Dakota Community Centre, and have been playing and coaching ever since. 

Devin Antymniuk had nothing but positive words to say of the event.

“It was a lot of fun and was an awesome event.  It was great seeing how well the Glenlawn boys did with the younger Glenwood kids.  They showed a lot of leadership skills.”

Dakota Community Centre was pleased to donate basketballs for this event.  It’s great to see young community members learning about leadership skills and pride in the community through volunteerism!

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