14th Annual Floor Curling Bonspiel

The only time it is okay to throw rocks at the house!

​    A curler watches a rock slide into place.

Dakota Community Centre Older Adult program hosted its 14th annual floor curling bonspiel on April 3 and 4 taking place in the Jonathan Toews Sportsplex Great Hall and Gymnasium.

Just like in regular curling, curlers slid rocks to where the skip calls a shot from the house.  However, there is a difference…Unlike regular curling where there is no risk of slipping and falling. Floor Curling offers the same competitive and friendly experience in a safer and accessible variation of the sport of curling with no ice involved.

“Individuals who can’t crouch down to throw, or are in wheelchairs and walkers, can use a push stick to throw their rock helping make the game adaptable to each curler’s comfort level,” says Melissa Larter, Older Adult Program Coordinator.

This year’s bonspiel was comprised of 18 teams totaling 72 participants. Curlers came from Winnipeg, Winkler, Steinbach, and Selkirk. The tournament was a 6 game round robin tournament with the top 5 teams receiving prizes.

As curlers threw rocks they enjoyed each other’s company, while others played cards and watched Team Canada curling teams compete. A sandwich and vegetable lunch was served.

Melissa says, “It’s an event that brings people together from various communities for friendly competition and a chance to socialize.”

On April 3 participants enjoyed an annual evening banquet that included cocktail hour and a catered dinner. A musical duo called Almost Angels, playing predominantly 70’s music such as the Beetles and Patsy Cline, provided entertainment during cocktails.

Dakota Community Centre extends a big thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this year’s bonspiel possible.

Next year’s bonspiel will take place on March 19 and 20, 2019.

For more information about joining floor curling for the 2018 - 2019 season please contact Melissa at 204-254-1010 ext. 217

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