Summer and Fall Dakota Hockey Camps 2018

Summer open day camps start August 20 and fall camps September 5.

Camps are designed to get your son and daughter ready for the new hockey season by focusing on essential elements including power skating, stickhandling, shooting, and more.

All camps are run by J.P. Vigier, former NHL player, and his qualified staff.

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Want to know more about the camps?

J.P. Vigier, the hockey camp's main instructor, answered some Q and A. 

Q. What specific kinds of on ice training drills do you take your players through?
A. We take the players through several foundational movements including skating, shooting, and passing helping the player's enhance their confidence, strength, and ability with their skills.

Q. - In what way(s) do these specific training drills develop the hockey players?
A. - By doing these drills players learn to solidify their techniques allowing them to make gains and progress forward.

Q. - What is your main focus with these camps and why?
A. - We focus on making players become better overall athletes while having fun because atheletes make great people.

Q. - Please explain the term "Dryland Training" and what it consists of?
A. - Dryland Training is off ice training and running drills in a gymnasium space. With this type of training we focus on improving agaility, balance, and coordination of the athletes.

Q. - Overall, how do Dakota Hockey Camps prepare the players for actual real life hockey games?
A. - The camps allow players to get back on the ice and make gains in their game by pushing themselves to the next level while having a fun and positive experience. 

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