My First Pitch Coach Clinics

My First Pitch is an introduction to pitching that gives coaches and players the confidence they need to succeed in the first year of player pitch baseball. The coaches are taught pitching mechanics and shown how to properly teach them to players. The course is 60-90 minutes in duration and it is FREE!

Bonivital is hosting a clinic on Friday, April 26th at Southdale Community Centre at 6:00-7:30pm 

11U teams - 1 coach per team MUST complete this course. 

13U teams - all coaches required to complete the course. 

To register email 

In order for coaches to receive credit for the clinic they must have a NCCP account. (

If coaches cannot attend our clinic this does not mean they can’t coach. They just need to attend a clinic at another location. 

Here is a link to available clinics.

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