New Fitness Equipment!

The Dakota Fieldhouse – one of Winnipeg’s newest and premier sport and fitness facilities – received an unexpected upgrade through a generous donation!
Since the Fieldhouse opened in October, 2017, it has seen constant activity playing host to various sports leagues, events, provincial tournaments and much more. In addition to the busy court level, membership on the track level has been incredibly strong right from the beginning with its 200 metre indoor track and various pieces of fitness equipment offered at truly accessible prices. With this $50,000 donation, we were able to purchase ten new fitness machines that target all muscle groups, as well as three adjustable benches to use for body resistance and free weight exercises. The equipment transforms the track level into a more complete fitness facility that offers even greater exercise options and value to our members!

The 10 machines include:

  • Seated Leg Press
  • Leg Curl
  • Seated Leg Extension
  • Unilateral Low Row
  • Functional Trainer (Large)
  • Unilateral Row
  • Shoulder Press
  • Chest Press
  • Lateral Pull Down
  • Functional Trainer (Small)

Orientation for these machines begin on Tuesday, August ​​27th. Sign up to learn how to properly use each machine. You will also learn multiple uses to target specific muscle groups! Click below to sign up online or call 204-254-1010.

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