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To assist in preventing the spread of COVID-19, Dakota Community Centre is closed to the public until further notice.  Dakota Community Centre staff continues to be available to support the needs of the community during this uncertain time. As the Older Adult Program Coordinator and Senior Resource Finder for St.Vital and St. Boniface, I want you to know that I am here to support you.   Please note the following:

  • We have created this community resource page, which will be updated as new resources become available so please keep checking back.
  • “New” Dakota Community Centre has release a series of easy to follow exercise or yoga classes to help you stay active at home!  New videos will be uploaded on Mondays.
  • I will continue to be available over the phone (204) 254-1010 ext. 217 or via email to assist you with any questions you may have.

Thank you, Melissa Larter, Older Adult Program Coordinator | Senior Resource Finder


Please view - Following Youtube Video is from the Minister of Seniors with important information regarding COVID-19 


Index of The Community Resources that follow on this page:

  • "NEW" Info Added this Week:
    • Joy4All Project

    • CRA Outreach Program – Details about Canada’s Covid-19 Economic Response Plan for Individuals

  • Senior only Grocery Shopping
  • How to Access Food – Winnipeg Harvest
  • Need Assistance? Connect to a Volunteer for help!
  • Student-Senior Isolation Prevention Partnership
  • Feeling Anxious? Links to resources to help with your mental health and addiction supports for Manitobans
  • COVID-19 Contact information from Service Canada
  • Age & Opportunity (A & O) Support Services for Older Adults
    • Social connections
    • “Interactive” educational & recreational programing
    • COVID-19 Screening Tool
    • Free councelling & health servies during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Activities (At Home)
    • Line Dancing Sheets & Videos
    • Circuit Activity Posters
    • In-Motion Exercise DVD
    • Prevent Falls – Balance Exercises
    • Winnipeg Public Library LibGuide
    • Virtual Tours of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights
  • Other ways to keep busy
  • News & Updates on COVID-19
    • Call 311 for assistance 
    • Call you Doctor - doctors across Manitoba are still available to help with your essential health concerns as we adapt to COVID-19
    • Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety - Update
    • Income Tax for Seniors
    • Federal Government Resources for Seniors
    • HUB Support for Older Adults (Canadian Mental Health Association supports)
  • Social Distancing Checklist Poster -helpful reminders to stay safe



"NEW" Info Added this Week:

Joy4All Project
The Joy4All Project is a Canadian-based hotline for seniors and others who are feeling the effects of social isolation to call and listen to pre-recorded jokes, stories, or uplifting messages. If you know of someone or could use an uplifting message yourself, feel free to give their hotline a call at 1-877-569-4255 or visit their website at And, if you know of a good joke or would like to spread some joy of your own, you can send in your message(s) to

CRA Outreach Program – Details about Canada’s Covid-19 Economic Response Plan for Individuals,  please follow this link for more information.

Grocery store “Senior Only” shopping hours and/or delivery services

St.Vital Area – it is recommended that you call in advance to confirm date and times

  1. Dakota Family Foods (204) 255-6129 Offers grocery delivery only Monday to Friday.  Call in your order before 12 noon and you will receive same day delivery (Delivery Charge is $11 for immediate area)
  2. Sobeys Dakota & Warde (204) 253-3663 Offers Seniors Only Shopping from 7 am to 8 am, no home delivery service available
  3. Red River Co-Op St. Vital (204) 255-4765 Offers Seniors Only Shopping on Wednesday & Friday only from 7 am to 8 am.  The offer same day delivery within 4 hours of ordering (Charge is $10) or rush delivery (Charge is $14)
  4. No Frills St. Annes Road (204) 257-6149 Offers Seniors Only Shopping from 7 am to 8 am, no home delivery service available

For more information on city wide services please click on the link below.

COVID-19 - How to Access Food – Winnipeg Harvest

Winnipeg Harvest is striving to ensure all Manitobans who need it have access to emergency, temporary food support. To stretch their resources to serve an anticipated larger number of clients, they are preparing large food hampers to be delivered through our network of community food banks and partner organizations.

To access one of these hampers, please follow the steps outlined below: 

Step 1. Contact the Food Assistance Call Centre to book an appointment at your local food bank
• Hours: Monday to Friday 9:15 am - 3:15 pm, Saturday 9:15 am - 12:15 pm
• Please have your Manitoba Health Card ready
In Winnipeg: Phone: (204) 982-3660 Email:
Outside Winnipeg: Phone: (1-800) 970-5559 Email:
Step 2. Attend Your Appointment
• Bring your Manitoba Health Card to your local food bank, and bags or boxes to carry your food hamper.
Step 3. Following your appointment
• Call or Email the Food Assistance Call Centre in Step 1 to book your next appointment.

Need Assistance? - Connect to a Volunteer for help!  Province Launches Online Tool to Connect Volunteers Safely with Manitobans Needing Assistance - Manitobans Helping Manitobans

(Note: Dakota CC can also help, if you or someone you know, would like assistance requesting help please contact Melissa Larter at 204-254-1010 ext. 217)

“Help Next Door MB” is a network of helpers coming together as a community.

If you are a volunteer ready to provide your support or someone who needs a helping hand through these difficult times, this platform can connect you.

The online tool will be vital for requests ranging from home computer and data security assistance to prescription medication pickups and deliveries.  Manitobans can access directly or via

Feeling anxious? The following are organizations that can help:

  • Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba (ADAM) recognizes that there is an increase in anxiety in the general public at this time due to the COVID19 virus, and they are there to help.  Please call their support line at (204) 925-0040 or visit their website for more information.  
    Note: The support line is not a crisis line.  People experiencing a crisis should go to the Crisis Response Centre, the nearest hospital emergency department, or call the Klinic Crisis Line, the Mobile Crisis Team, or Emergency services at 911.
  • Sara Riel offers 24 Hour Peer Support – As Winnipeggers are following social distancing guidelines and participating in self-quarantine practices this particularly concerning for those who are alone and who already struggle with isolation or feeling of anxiousness.  Sara Riel offers a “Seneca Warm Line” a phone line for persons struggling with mental health and addictions issues. Please call (204) 947-9276 or (204) 231-0217 or visit their website for more information.
  • Aulneau Renewal Centre – Understand that during these challenging times, individuals and families may require additional support to help navigate this journey.  They are facilitating wellness checks to help address the anxiety people may have due to COVID-19.  Via a phone call, a counsellor will be able to provide information on coping tools, strategies and resources during this difficult time.  Please call (204) 987-7090 or visit their website for more information.

Student-Senior Isolation Prevention Partnership

The University of Manitoba's Medical Students are participating in an initiative that will help to reduce the significant problem of social isolation amongst seniors which will only become amplified amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic. Students will be able to provide social comfort in addition to helping reduce anxiety and providing education about COVID-19. 

If you are interested in being connected with a student please contact Melissa at 204-254-1010 ext 217 or by email 

Service Canada – Covid-19 contact information

Follow link to Service Canada Contact information regarding the following:

  • Coronavirus Dedicated EI Line
  • Online Service Request for EI, CPP, OAS, Disability, Passports and SIN,

A&O: Support Services resources (Age & Opportunity)

  • Daily Hello programs - A&O: Support Services is offering social connections for older people from their home taking part in FREE social activities offered to all Manitobans aged 55+ via telephone through the Senior Centre Without Walls Program.
  • Senior Centre Without Walls - A&O offers the Senior Centre Without Walls (SCWW) Program that provides FREE educational and recreational programming in a fun and interactive atmosphere.  The program reaches out to socially isolated older adults 55+ living in manitoba.  All programming is provided over the phone. Visit their Web site or call 204-956-6440 (Winnipeg) or call toll-free: 1-888-333-3121.  You can view both their upcoming Program Guide and Registration Worksheet by clicking on this link.
  • Manitoba COVID-19 Screening Tool - Shared Health has posted online the Manitoba COVID-19 Screening Tool. To prevent overwhelming the system, you can answer some questions online to determine if you need to contact Health Links – Info Santé (204-788-8200 or toll-free at 1-888-315-9257) or seek other medical advice.
  • Free Councelling & Health Services during COVID-19 Pandemic, See attached link for a collaboration of FREE counselling and health services available during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

ACTIVITIES – Staying Active at Home!

New Physical activity/exercise resources for older adults—How to stay active during the pandemic - follow below link:

Line Dancing Sheets and videos

With the help of our Line Dancing Instructor, Jean Brock, we have put together a number of line dancing resources for you to participate in at home! Learn a new skill or stay active with these fun dance moves!

You DO NOT have to be a Facebook User or Facebook Friend to tune in and participate in the class.  Simply click on the link above or copy and paste the link into your browser.  When you become a “follower” on my page, you will get an automatic alert when I go “Live”. 

(Note: If you would like a copy of these workouts, printed for you please contact Melissa at 204-254-1010 ext 217 to arrange curbside drop off)

Older Adult Circuit Posters

·         'How To' poster

·         'Warm Up' poster

·         'Strength & Endurance' poster

·         'Balance' poster

·         'Flexibility' poster

In motion older adult exercise DVD

Balance exercises -

Winnipeg Public Library LibGuide

There are many online activities happening, and authors, artists, and organizations generously sharing their time, words, talents, and stories with the Winnipeg Public Library. 

In this Guide, you will be connected with the Library's resources plus the many free online resources being shared. Check in often! They are adding new resources daily. -

Virtual Tours at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights (CMHR)

CMHR is making the museum available for virtual visits furing the COVID-19 closures - please follow this link to their website to take a virtual tour!


  • Read a book
  • Call a friend
  • Bake or cook something
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Crocheting, knitting, sewing
  • Puzzles – jigsaw, crosswords, Sudoku
  • Listen to music
  • Dance

Virtual culture: Concerts, plays and museums to enjoy from home

Calgary Zoo - Looking for life beyond your four walls? Why not check out the Calgary Zoo's PandaCam. You can watch their two giant pandas – Er Shun and Da Mao – every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (MST). 

Zoos and aquariums offering live videos of animals
Want to see some other animals? These six American zoos and aquariums are offering live videos of animals for free during new coronavirus outbreak. Check out


Up to date Covid-19 information in manitoba

Community Testing Locations

City Wide Closures and notices

2020 55+ Games cancelled

Active Aging in Manitoba (AAIM) has officially cancelled the 2020 Manitoba 55+ Games, scheduled for June 16-18, 2020 in Selkirk, Manitoba to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Link to Winnipeg Transit COVID-19 online updates

Financial Credit & Income Tax Filing Extention

For low and modest income seniors—and other Canadians—the Government will provide a one-time special payment through the Goods and Services Tax (GST) credit by early May. This will double the maximum annual GST credit payment amounts for the 2019-20 benefit year. The average boost to income for those benefitting from this measure will be close to $400 for single individuals and close to $600 for couples.

The government is reducing required minimum withdrawals from Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) by 25 per cent for 2020. 

The government is extending the deadline to file your income taxes to June 1 and allowing any new balances due, or installments, to be deferred until after August 31, 2020 without incurring interest or penalties.  For more information, please follow the link.

Call 311 for Assistance

Effectively immediately, Winnipeg older adults who may be feeling isolated and in need of assistance during this trying time, can call 311 to be connected with a number of resources available through A & O: Support Services for Older Adults, including assistance with delivery of groceries, medications, or specialized social services. They can also call 311 where they will be provided with assistance in obtaining access to other well-being resources.

Call you Doctor - No matter what’s going on in the world, your regular health concerns don’t stop. Neither does your doctor. Right now, doctors across Manitoba are still available to help with your essential health concerns as we adapt to COVID-19. That help extends to everything from prescriptions and ongoing chronic conditions, to injuries and other illnesses.

Doctors are here to help you. They may provide a phone or video appointment. If an in-person visit is needed, doctor’s offices are taking public health precautions to screen patients, disinfect more frequently and apply social distancing advice in common spaces like waiting rooms.

Most importantly, your doctor can help you decide if you should seek care now, or wait. Don’t self-diagnose, or simply assume they’re not available. Just call your doctor first to get advice. They’re ready to help.

For more information please follow link

Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety - update:

During the pandemic, The Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety continues to encourage self-advocacy and healthcare involvement with patients, families and the public.  We have developed a new section on our website for the public and healthcare providers to easily find tools and information to support  these efforts. 

You can access this information here

Income Tax for Seniors:

Canada Revenue provides free income tax return preparation for everyone with a lower income. Though most of their clinics have been cancelled because of the pandemic, they still list one location where you can have your tax return completed. That location is YPN Winnipeg and you can reach them by phone at (204) 899-8832. The contact name is Spencer Sinclair. You can reach them by email at

You can also have your tax return completed at no charge through Community Financial Counselling Services. You can reach them by phone at (204) 989-1900.

Federal Government Resources for Seniors - please click here for a link to the federal programs and what the federal government is doing for seniors.

HUB Support for Older Adults - If you are an older adult (55+) and experiencing isolation, loneliness, anxiety, depression, mental health concerns, addiction, or are con-cerned about your family, you can call or email CMHA’s Service Navigation Hub for assessment, information, referral, supports, brief counselling, resources or courses. Please click here for more information.

Osteoporosis Canada virtual opportunities -Join Osteoporosis Canada for their ongoing webinars focusing on varying aspects at New ones are constantly being added. Their signature presentation for the general public  is “Speaking of Bones” and covers:

  • What osteoporosis is
  • Risk factors
  • How osteoporosis is diagnosed
  • How to maintain healthy bones
  • How osteoporosis is treated
  • How to live well with osteoporosis


Social Distancing Checklist Poster

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