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2020/21 Board of Directors

Please join us in welcoming the 2020/21 Dakota Community Centre Board of Directors.

The Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following slate of nominee directors for consideration by the members along with their agreed to term.    

  • Mark Antunes (Past Chair- ex-officio– 1 year)
  • Christian Kennedy – 2 years
  • Sandy Nemeth – 2 years
  • Darren Neufeld – 1 year
  • Daryl Patton – 1 year
  • Michael Raimondi – 2 years
  • Cory Shangreaux – 2 years
  • Chantal Sturk-Nadeau – 1 year term
  • Teresa Toutant – 1 year term

"I want to acknowledge and thank our Nominating Committee, Kevin Robbins, Tom Thiessen, Christian Kennedy and myself, for presenting a slate of such wonderful members of our community to serve our community Centre. I also want to extend a warm welcome to our new Director Sandy Nemeth, who is new to the Board this year and for all our returning directors for your ongoing commitment. We appreciate all you do.

At the same time, I want to express our sincere thank you to Judge  Victoria Cornick who will step down after serving on our Board for the past three years.  Victoria, thank you for your commitment and service to our community centre these past years. "

- Mark Antunes

A Message From Mark Antunes, Board Chairman

November 24, 2020

This has been an unprecedented year and DCC was certainly not immune to the effects of a global pandemic.  Despite these extraordinary circumstances, our financial position has remained stable, with continued attempts to mitigate significant impacts to ongoing operations throughout this period.   At the same time, DCC and our amazing staff and volunteers, have worked hard to continually adjust and respond to the changing times with the hope that we will emerge from these difficult times stronger than before.

Notwithstanding the unplanned closure of our Centre for 10 weeks this past spring; DCC had another impressive year, with much progress and accomplishments.  While too numerous to mention, here are some highlights.

With the start of the new fiscal year, DCC officially received our Charitable Status from CRA, allowing DCC to independently receive, steward and receipt donations.  This status also provides DCC with greater access to grants offered by foundations and other organizations who provide funds to those with a CRA registered charitable numbers only.

This fall Live Barn streaming services were installed in both indoor ice rinks and a new Ice resurfacer was purchased to ensure ongoing ice maintenance excellence for our heavily used twin-pads as well as the seasonal Jumpstart Community Rink.

In January, with the assistance of a Building Sustainable Communities Grant (BSCG), Jumpstart Charities and Sledge Hockey Manitoba, DCC launched a free “Learn to Play Sledge Program’, inclusive of sleds and other necessary equipment to support accessible play on our first in Canada accessible outdoor rink.   The grant from the province also supported 50% the purchase and upgrade of $42,000 of para and other sport and recreation equipment at the Centre.

This spring, DCC was awarded LEED Silver Certification from the Canadian Green Building Council for our Dakota Fieldhouse project, following successful completion of the significant requirements for this achievement.  We remain extremely proud of the “green building’ elements incorporated into our much-loved addition to our Centre. 

When faced with the COVID-19 closure in March, management quickly pivoted to use the closure to expedite the $173,000 Sportsplex Rink (South) and Facility Enhancement project and complete the Great Hall/Building Envelope Repair project, which were slated for a temporary closure in the summer.   This move saw all the south rink renovations and envelope insulation work completed during the shutdown and allowed the Centre to fully utilize the ice and facility when we were able to reopen operations in early June.  The City of Winnipeg Renovations Grant ($100K) supported this project along with some help from the Province’s BSCG for new radiant heaters in both rinks. 

Our outdoor spaces around DCC were made more beautiful, welcoming and functional this summer with the addition of a variety of concrete outdoor seating and tables (with accessibility features) and numerous large planters scattered around the campus.  BSCG was also instrumental in assisting with 50% of the $22,000 cost for these enhancements that were very much appreciated and utilized by our community this summer and fall.

Since the pandemic, DCC has been grateful for the support through the Federal Wage Subsidy grant as well as Provincial Green Team and other grants to sustain our valued staff and support the need for additional staff to assist with enhanced monitoring, cleaning and restrictions, as well as our summer camp programing and facility and grounds maintenance.  This support has been much appreciated and essential to our ongoing success during these difficult times.

With safety as a priority, DCC moved to a gradual and controlled opening of our facilities and programs beginning in early June, with enhanced sanitization and operating protocols, mandatory masks and full-time screening stations at each entry.     This allowed for the safe return of many of our programs and activities through the summer, which also helped in DCC’s ability to somewhat recover financially during this period.   We are grateful to everyone for the support and cooperation that allowed safe and fun participation in sports and recreation for so many.

I want offer our heartfelt appreciation to  Dakota CC management and staff, my fellow board members, all our volunteers, sport convenors, our elected officials and all supporters for their continued efforts in support of our Centre.  Our Centre is essential in positively impacting and supporting the lives of so many in our community and this would not be possible without everyone’s consistent and ongoing efforts.

We remain sincerely grateful to our community and patrons for their ongoing support, patience and understanding as we continue to manage through this pandemic period.  We are hopeful for the day that we can again open our doors to serve the sport and recreation needs of our community and all those served by our Centre. 

Best wishes to you and yours for a safe and happy holiday season.


Thank you,

Mark Antunes, Board Chair

Please visit our Board of Directors page to view information about each board member in more detail.

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