Kids Improve their Hockey Skills at Dakota Summer Hockey Camp 2017

53 kids ages 7 to 12 participated in co-ed full and half-day camps this August and September.

The camps focused on building each player’s individual skills.

J.P. Vigier, head instructor and camp coordinator says, “We worked a lot on building each player’s skill level, how to control the puck, and puck protection.”

Skating skills were improved by practicing forward and backward power skating. Players skated around pylons puck handling around the obstacles.

To make players continually move shooting and passing the puck, drills were practiced in smaller segmented portions of the rink.

Being on the ice wasn’t the only part of the camps. Dryland training - running drills in the gymnasium - played an important role in player development incorporating the ABC’s of athlete development: agility, balance, and coordination. 

“Dryland training is important to create a better rounded athlete,” says Vigier. “It helps them improve the player’s fitness levels while letting them have some fun.”

Overall Vigier feels the summer hockey camps came together for both the coaches and players seeing improvements from everyone involved and individual growth from the players. Kids started camp feeling nervous, but left the last day of camp with a smile and feeling a higher level of confidence in their hockey skills.                                                                                

Christopher Carrier, whose son Grayson participated in the camps, says “It was a challenging camp. The camps get harder as my son moves up a level. It keeps things interesting.”

For more information about Dakota Hockey Camps contact J.P. Vigier at or by phone at (204) 807-3575. You can also visit the Dakota CC website at

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