COVID-19 Safety Measures


Notice: Due to the uncertainty of the current pandemic situation, Dakota Community Centre has made the decision cancel the remainder of the Fall/Winter 2020-21 Adult League season. The DCC Adult League Convener is currently reaching out to team captains to discuss options going forward, including participation in a Spring/Summer league. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Fall/Winter Hockey League Details:

  • Registration period: Open now
  • 30 regular season games plus minimum 2 playoff games
  • Season start/end Dates: Sept 10 – April 15th, 2021.
  • All games at either Dakota CC, St Vital arena, St Norbert CC or Richmond Kings CC.
  • Fees include game officials/playoff ice
  • League website for scheduling/stats
  • Games are Sun-Sat (all days of week). League manager allows for team scheduling requests as possible
  • Regular in season division re-alingment

In addition to adhering to provincial health regulations related to limiting the transmission of COVID-19, the following must be observed by groups wishing to rent ice at the DCC (teams & spectators):

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Enter Sportsplex main entrance. Players will be permitted access to dressing rooms no earlier than 30 min before scheduled ice time. Early arrivals will be asked to wait outside.
  2. DCC rep will meet individuals as they arrive to ask screening questions, provide directions and review terms and conditions with participants.
  3. Guests must sanitize hands before proceeding.
  4. Masks/facial coverings are mandatory for everyone entering the facility. Players must wear masks at all times except when on the ice.
  5. Participants must practice social distancing in dressing rooms (limit 10 per room). Additional seating may be available outside the dressing rooms. Teams/groups are encouraged to come at least partially dressed so that players require minimal time in the dressing rooms.
  6. Limit of 24 participants on the ice, including any combination of players of players and coaches.
  7. Renter group leaders  (i.e. coaches, instructors) are expected to ensure participants follow guidelines set out by governing sport bodies (i.e. Skate MB, Hockey MB), the Province of MB (social distancing, personal hygiene) and DCC (regarding facility use).
  8. It is the responsibility of the renter groups to be familiar with all provincial regulations, DCC guidelines and accepts any and all risks associated with using DCC facilities. Renters to provide their staff with necessary PPE.
  9. Any renter groups found to be in violation of provincial regulations resulting in fines will be responsible for payment of the fine.
  10. Groups have 15 min to vacate dressing rooms to allow staff to clean rooms before the next group arrives.
  11. Exit down hall and through Sportsplex main entrance.
  12. Renter groups are limited to using locker room washroom facilities. Two shower heads are permitted. The middle shower will be unavailable to promote physical distancing.
  13. Use of concession area tables are not permitted.
  14. Use of rink benches/boxes is permitted.
  15. Participants are encouraged to come dressed, needing to only put on skates/helmets
  16. Participants are encouraged to bring their own prefilled water bottles and not share with other participants.
  17. Beginning Sept 8, the Sportsplex doors will be closed the following times:
    1. Mon- Fri               6:00 am – 8:30 am and after 8:00 pm
    2. Sat & Sun            after 8:00 pm
  18. Players/skaters will need to enter through the Fieldhouse main entrance during these times. Exit out the Sportsplex main entrance.

  19. Up to two spectators per player are permitted into the facility at this time with the following conditions.
    1. Parents must drop off players and wait outside the facility while players change. Parents may come in just before the start of practice/game and must leave the facility immediately after and wait for players outside.
    2. Masks/facial coverings are mandatory for everyone entering the facility. Masks are not required but strongly encouraged for children under the age 5.
    3. All spectators must sanitize hands and answer screening questions. Spectators are confined to bleachers and must practice social distancing. The concession area seating and other designated areas will remain off limits.
    4. Parents may be permitted to assist children age 10 and under with equipment as needed but must leave the facility immediately when done and wait outside the facility until the start of the practice/game.
    5. Must enter and exit the arena area via the side rink doors and follow all facility signage as it relates to physical distancing, areas that are off limits and flow of traffic.
    6. Stay within designated areas only and practice physical distancing with anyone outside their social “bubble”.
  20. It is the renter/user groups responsibility to ensure parents receive procedures and ensure compliance. Parents of groups not adhering to the procedures set out by the DCC may have their privileges revoked.
  21. Parents not complying with DCC staff directions or engaging in confrontational behavior will be asked to leave and may have spectator privileges revoked.


Daniel Tailefer
Phone: 204-254-1010 ext 201