COVID-19 Safety Measures

COVID-19 Safety Measures & Policies

Please ensure that you are familiar with all of the policies prior to arriving for your activities at Dakota Community Centre and Jonathan Toews Sportsplex. Any important information, such as procedural changes or outbreak notices will be posted here for your convenience and may also be shared on our social media and e-mail platforms.

As a result of the Province’s decision to move to Code Red restrictions, Dakota CC will be suspending all program and scheduled activities, effective 5 pm, Friday, October 30, until further notice. This suspension involves all DCC facilities including the Sportsplex and Fieldhouse and is temporary (as long as required by public order) and all programs and activities will be rescheduled as soon as the restrictions are lifted. All pre-paid services/passes/memberships will be honored when the Centre is allowed to safely resume these activities. Specific questions or inquiries can be addressed as follows: email or call 204-254-1010 or contact your specific program coordinator directly. 
Thank you for patience and understanding. We will advise as soon as programs and services can resume.
Please note: The only exception to this order is the Dakota Nursey Program, which falls under the Manitoba Child Care program and remains in Code Orange. The Dakota Nursery School will operate as per normal hours and procedures. Please contact the Director at if you have questions.
On behalf of everyone at Dakota Community Centre, we hope that everyone stays safe during this difficult period.

Click here to view Province of Manitoba's COVID-19 Portal



Self-screen at home! If you have symptoms / are feeling sick, stay home and contact your doctor or call Health Links at (204) 788-8200. Please use the self-screening tool provided by the Province of Manitoba & Shared Health Manitoba to ensure you meet all the requirements in order to participate in activities at Dakota Community Centre. The tool can be found by clicking here.
Masks are mandatory at all times while within our facilities. The only exception to this rule is while participating in physical activity. Children under the age of five are not required to wear masks, however, it is strongly recommended that they do. While we prefer that you bring your own reusable mask, we will have masks available for purchase for $1.
Wash your hands with soap for at least twenty seconds. Do this as often as you're able to - especially when handling dirty objects. For more tips on effective hand washing, please see this multi-lingual poster provided by Shared Health Manitoba by clicking here.
Disinfect your hands when you enter the facility and use hand sanitizer whenever you're able to. We will have hand sanitizer available at several stations around our facilities for your convenience. If you see a dispenser that's empty, please report it to a staff members so that it can be replaced.
Make sure to give others space of at least two metres when moving around our facilities. Avoid shaking hands with others or coming in direct contact with others. Our facilities are adjusted to promote physical seperation. Simple spacing between people is an effective way to decrease chances of COVID-19 transmission.
Cover your mouth or nose when coughing or sneezing. Use your arm/jacket sleeve to prevent spread. Ensure you turn away from others and disinfect as soon as possible.

Prior to proceeding with your scheduled activity, we need everyone to sign in at our screening stations. We will ask you some basic screening questions regarding COVID-19, and ask you to disinfect your hands.

  • Sportsplex Entrance Station: Located right in front when you enter the building.
  • Dakota Field House Station: Located at customer service desk (or table in front if part of a renter program.)

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Ice Rink Rental & Usage Procedures

All renters, teams and spectators are required to adhere to provincial health regulations related to limiting the transmission of COVID-19. In addition, you must comply with the following terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Enter Sportsplex main entrance. Players will be permitted access to dressing rooms no earlier than 30 min before scheduled ice time. Early arrivals will be asked to wait outside.
  • DCC rep will meet individuals as they arrive to ask screening questions, provide directions and review terms and conditions with participants.
  • Guests must sanitize hands before proceeding.
  • Masks/facial coverings are mandatory for everyone entering the facility. Players must wear masks at all times except when on the ice.
  • Participants must practice social distancing in dressing rooms (limit 10 per room). Additional seating may be available outside the dressing rooms. Teams/groups are encouraged to come at least partially dressed so that players require minimal time in the dressing rooms.
  • Limit of participants on the ice, including any combination of players and coaches:
    1. Unsanctioned Practices (one team): limit 24.
    2. Sanctioned Practices: Teams must adhere to Hockey MB guidelines regarding number of players permitted on the ice; teams must stay separated from each other while on the ice and while entering and exiting ice surface. Avoid using benches.
    3. Sanctioned games: Team must adhere to Hockey MB guidelines number of players permitted on the ice/benches. Coaches are responsible for ensuring players maintain physical distance as best as possible while on bench; teams to avoid using the same gate when entering and exiting the ice.
    4. Unsanctioned games: number of total players limited to 30 participants
  • Renter group leaders  (i.e. coaches, instructors) are expected to ensure participants follow guidelines set out by governing sport bodies (i.e. Skate MB, Hockey MB), the Province of MB (social distancing, personal hygiene) and DCC (regarding facility use).
  • It is the responsibility of the renter groups to be familiar with all provincial regulations, DCC guidelines and accepts any and all risks associated with using DCC facilities. Renters to provide their staff with necessary PPE.
  • Any renter groups found to be in violation of provincial regulations resulting in fines will be responsible for payment of the fine.
  • Groups have 15 min to vacate dressing rooms to allow staff to clean rooms before the next group arrives.
  • Exit down hall and through Sportsplex main entrance.
  • Renter groups are limited to using locker room washroom facilities. Two shower heads are permitted. The middle shower will be unavailable to promote physical distancing.
  • Use of concession area tables are not permitted.
  • Use of rink benches/boxes is permitted.
  • Participants are encouraged to come dressed, needing to only put on skates/helmets
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own prefilled water bottles and not share with other participants.
  • Absolutely no spitting anywhere in the facility.
  • Beginning Sept 8, the Sportsplex doors will be closed the following times:
    1. Mon- Fri               6:00 am – 8:30 am and after 8:00 pm
    2. Sat & Sun            after 8:00 pm
  • Players/skaters will need to enter through the Fieldhouse main entrance during these times. Exit out the Sportsplex main entrance.

  • Up to two spectators per player are permitted into the facility at this time with the following conditions.
    1. Parents must drop off players and wait outside the facility while players change. Parents may come in just before the start of practice/game and must leave the facility immediately after and wait for players outside.
    2. Masks/facial coverings are mandatory for everyone entering the facility. Masks are not required but strongly encouraged for children under the age 5.
    3. All spectators must sanitize hands and answer screening questions. Spectators are confined to bleachers and must practice social distancing. The concession area seating and other designated areas will remain off limits.
    4. Parents may be permitted to assist children age 10 and under with equipment as needed but must leave the facility immediately when done and wait outside the facility until the start of the practice/game.
    5. Must enter and exit the arena area via the side rink doors and follow all facility signage as it relates to physical distancing, areas that are off limits and flow of traffic.
    6. Stay within designated areas only and practice physical distancing with anyone outside their social “bubble”.
  • It is the renter/user groups responsibility to ensure parents receive procedures and ensure compliance. Parents of groups not adhering to the procedures set out by the DCC may have their privileges revoked.
  • Parents not complying with DCC staff directions or engaging in confrontational behavior will be asked to leave and may have spectator privileges revoked.

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Track & Fitness Centre

This is a brief overview of our approach to reopening the Dakota Community Centre Track. The following temporary changes will help us manage cleaning and allow for additional physical distancing.

What You Need To Know:

Before You Arrive:

  • Self-Screen: If you feel unwell, please postpone your visit.
  • Plan Ahead: We will be operating at 50% capacity, and you may be required to wait if visiting during peak times. If you are able, please consider visiting at a different time of day.
  • Arrive Prepared: Members are encouraged to change beforehand and bring as few personal items as possible. Please remember to bring a pair of indoor shoes to change into prior to your workout/class.
  • Bring your fob: Members will require their fob to access the track area.

When You Arrive:

  • Enter through the main Fieldhouse entrance, where all members will be asked a set of screening questions and to disinfect their hands.
  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms will be asked to leave immediately and call Health Links (204-788-8200).
  • Signage will be set up to direct members entering and exiting the premises.

During Your Workout:

Help us keep our spaces safe by maintaining six feet of distance from others during your exercise and activities in the facility. As a reminder, we’ve added signage throughout the facility to re-enforce physical distancing and to direct the flow of people where possible.

  • The Track area will have a limited capacity based on health regulation guidelines. Occupancy will be closely monitored and, if capacity is approached, a line will be formed outside the building. Members are encouraged to come at non peak hours (11:00 am – 3:00 pm).
  • Track hours are Mon-Fri 6:00 am – 10:00 pm and Sat - Sun 7:30 am - 10 pm.
  • To allow adequate space between members, some pieces of equipment have been re-organized to optimize physical distancing. Lounge area seating across from Fieldhouse Reception Desk has been removed for the foreseeable future.
  • Wipe down equipment prior to using and after using.
  • While using the track, maintain social distancing. Allow adequate space when passing and before cutting back in. When possible, move over two lanes while passing. Allow at least 15 feet from the person in front of you.
  • Members are encouraged to come dressed for activity and shower at home. An area to leave outdoor shoes will be provided.
  • Water fountains are closed (by public health orders), however you will be able to refill your water battle at the refill stations. Members are encouraged to bring their own water. Bottled water is available for purchase from the vending machines.
  • Member access to spaces will be limited, please respect signage indicating areas that are not to be used by members.

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Weight Room

Hours of operation have been expanded to 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. Monday to Friday and 7:30 a.m. - 10 p.m. Saturday & Sunday. (Room must be vacated at this time to allow cleaning prior to closure). To accommodate social distancing the Weightroom is limited to 12 people .
Please review below guidelines for use of the Weighroom due to COVID-19 restrictions:
  • Participants must pre-purchase their weightroom pass on-line prior to arrival. 
  • Arrive through Sportsplex doors.
  • Participants met by DCC rep and screened, disinfect hands, and acknowledge terms and conditions.
  • Access to facility is limited to designated areas only.
  • Limited to 12 people at a time.
  • Maintain social distance at all times.
  • No spotting, use weights you are able to safely handle.
  • Participants required wipe down all contact surfaces after use:
    • Bars
    • Handles
    • Plates
    • Dumbbells
    • Kettlebells
    • Benches
  • Several pieces of equipment (flat benches, incline benches, balls, rollers, bands, medicine balls) will be removed; others will be taped off to ensure social distancing.
  • No sign up to start, may have to wait if room at capacity. In consideration of all members, we kindly ask you limit your workout to 90 min.
  • No locker use.
  • No water fountain use, must bring bottle.
  • DCC staff will be cleaning and monitoring the weight room regularly. Members found to not be following proper protocol may have their membership privileges suspended.
  • Participants are encouraged to wear masks.

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Public Skating

Please note the following:

  • Skaters checked in 15 minutes prior to the scheduled skate time. Skaters arriving early will be asked to wait outside/in their vehicle until that time.
  • Limit of 24 skaters on the ice. Once the maximum capacity is reached staff/volunteers will set out the small black sandwich board that indicates “Public Skating is FULL.”
  • Staff/volunteers will take the name and phone number of skaters waiting to get on the ice and will notify them when room on the ice is available.
  • Skaters to use designed dressing rooms or common area benches only.
  • Use of rink benches at any time is NOT PERMITTED. Please use dressing rooms if you need to rest or tie skates.
  • Skaters are asked to check in at the Sportsplex screening desk prior to proceeding to dressing rooms.

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The DCC is pleased to announce the resumption of pickleball at our facility commencing Thursday July 30. All pickleball members who had an active membership prior to the COVID-19 related lockdown will have their memberships activated unless you respond to us by Friday August 17 indicating your intention to hold you membership until September 13. Members may indicate their intention by emailing with the heading PICKLEBALL in the subject line.

If you chose to come back now or delay your return, please remember that you play at your own risk. With that in mind, if you choose to play, please carefully read through the following information.


  • Do not come to the DCC if you:
    • Exhibit any coronavirus symptoms, such as a fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by health experts.
    • Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
    • Are considered vulnerable or at risk (elderly individuals with underlying health concerns, immunosuppressed persons, individuals suffering from serious health problems, notably high blood pressure, pulmonary diseases, diabetes, obesity and asthma).
  • Check the pickleball schedule online, by calling (204)254-1010 or emailing To limit the number of people congregating, players are asked to arrive no earlier than 5 min before the scheduled start of pickleball. Players arriving earlier will be asked to wait outside until 5 min before the start time.
  • Players are encouraged to come dressed for activity and shower at home. An area to leave outdoor shoes will be provided.
  • Water fountains are closed (by public health orders) with the exception of refill stations. Members are encouraged to bring their own water. Bottled water is available for purchase from the vending machines.
  • Player access to doors and within the Fieldhouse/Community Centre will be limited, please respect signage indicating areas that are not to be used or entered.


  • Enter through the main Fieldhouse entrance, where all members will be asked to report for screening and to disinfect their hands. The Link Fieldhouse doors will NOT be open at this time.
  • Upon arriving participants will be asked by DCC staff their name, screening questions and to disinfect their hands. Anyone exhibiting symptoms will be asked to leave immediately and call Health Links (204-788-8200).
  • Benches are located across from the Fieldhouse Reception Desk for changing shoes. After changing into indoor shoes, follow signage and the stanchions to go directly to courts.
  • Players are encouraged to play only with family members, persons living in your household or individuals you believe to be low risk.


Protect yourself against infections and the spreading of such:

  • Wash your hands with disinfectant soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use hand sanitizer, before going on a pickleball court.
  • Bring hand sanitizer and use it before you begin play, between games and again when you complete play and leave the courts.
  • Clean your equipment, including your paddles and water bottles, with an appropriate disinfectant. Wipes are provided.
  • Do not share equipment with your playing partner or others.
  • Make sure you have enough water before leaving the house as fountains will not be available.
  • Consider wearing gloves and/or a mask while playing.
  • If you cough or sneeze, do so in a tissue or in your sleeve.
  • Avoid touching door handles, gates, benches and all other objects where the virus could survive. If you touch something, make sure to wash your hands and disinfect the surface you have touched.


  • Keep a 2-metre distance from other players. To respect this measure, we strongly suggest only playing singles or skinny singles or just doing safe drills. If doubles can be played, this 2-metre distance is required, except for brief exchanges (referred to as incidental contact).
  • Avoid all physical contact, for example shaking hands or tapping paddles, with other players.
  • Avoid touching your face after touching a ball or paddle, or when you hit a stray ball to another player.
  • Stay on your side of the court.
  • Maintain social distance while resting between games.


  • Wash your hands carefully with water and disinfectant soap or with hand sanitizer.
  • Leave the court immediately after you finish playing. The DCC has implemented enhanced cleaning protocol and physical distancing measures for the safety of staff and members. Please ensure you follow all guidelines and respect areas that have been taped off/have restricted access.

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