Update - May 2, 2020 - COVID-19 Baseball Manitoba Update

The health and safety of people in sport, including players, coaches, umpires, spectators, volunteers and the general public, is of the utmost importance to Baseball Manitoba. Considering ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19, and in support of recommendations from Manitoba Health and Sport Manitoba, Baseball Manitoba is continuing the suspension of activities issued on April 20, lasting until at least May 30, 2020.  

We would like to clarify the Province of Manitoba's Pandemic and Economic Road for Recovery announcement on April 29, which referenced a Phase 1 “opening of some Outdoor Recreation Facilities” on May 4 and Phase 2 return of "non-contact children's sports" as early June 1.  Phase 1 and 2 do not include the sport of baseball. Please know that local governing bodies may open baseball fields to the public, under restrictions, however Baseball Manitoba sanctioned activities remain suspended as stated above. The term "non-contact sport" refers to a sport or activity that always involves no physical contact with other players or competitors, meaning that contact is not generally possible within the rules of the sport. As such and with the current Manitoba Health regulations in place, the sport of baseball will remain suspended. 

Finally, please understand that Baseball Manitoba Staff and Volunteers are continuously developing guidelines that will help baseball “Return to Play” under future Manitoba Health Guidelines. This Return to Play document will need to be approved by the Province of Manitoba before sanctioned baseball activities will resume. This means that accidental insurance coverage for Baseball Manitoba Members is not currently in place. It is important to note that the information released in Baseball Manitoba’s April 20 COVID-19 update still applies until at least May 30, 2020.

We will continue to update our membership and the public as new information is received.

Stay Safe.

Jason Miller – Executive Director
Tony Siemens - President

Update - With the current uncertainty placed upon the upcoming season of youth sports, our DCC sport convenors are working with each of their sport associations (Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association; Boni Vital Softball Association; Boni Vital Baseball Association; Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association) to determine next steps regarding each of their respective spring seasons.  As soon as we are advised of these decisions, we will share this information with our registrants and advise as to next steps, including how and when refunds will be processed if the season is cancelled.  We thank everyone for their continued patience as we coordinate this effort on behalf of our community centre.

In the meantime, we are leaving the youth sport registration links open for anyone interested in registering their children to ensure they are included on a team, should their sport of choice continue this season.  Should a decision be made to cancel any or all seasons, registration fees paid will be refunded/credited for all registrants at that time.

Thank you all again for your patience during this uncertain time.

Stay safe and well.

Dakota CC Sport Convenors and Management

Youth Baseball 2020

We are pleased to provide a program that focuses on skill development for all ages, combining competitive play and sportsmanship in a fun baseball environment.

General Program Information 

Dakota Community Centre is part of the Bonivital Baseball Association and teams can be made up of players throughout the Bonivital catchment. At the younger age groups up to 11U (Mosquito) you can make a friend request, but the friend must be from the same home community centre. i.e. Dakota. Dakota Baseball will do its best to accommodate these requests but cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled.


All players registered in Bonivital are invited to attend District Tryouts for AA and AAA teams. To view the tryout schedule and learn more about registration visit;https://bonivitalbaseball.ca/program-information/tryout-information/.

Fair Play

The Dakota Baseball Program focuses on principles of Fair Play. We will do our best to see that:

  • All children are given the same chance to participate, regardless of gender, ability, ethnic background or race;
  • Winning is kept in proper perspective;
  • Coaches and officials are capable of promoting fair play as well as the development of good technical skills.

Programs and Age Groups

  • Rally Cap (7U players born in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

The Rally Cap Program is baseballs initiation program and is designed to enhance players' and coaches' first experience with the game for players 4-7 years old.

The format involves three teams of 6 - 7 players that meet at the park at the same time. Two teams play a 20 minute game, while one team practices in the outfield. Every 20 minutes they switch, so that each team plays offense and defense and has one practice in the 60 minutes session.

For more information on the Rally Cap program please visit the Baseball Manitoba website at http://www.baseballmanitoba.ca/rally-cap.

  • Grand Slam (9U players born in 2011, 2012)

The Grand Slam Program is designed to promote physical development of children through the game of baseball.

There are no hard and fast rules for Grand Slam. Baseball Canada has put forth guidelines; teams of 6 - 7, all players in the infield, all players bat each inning, no walks or strikeouts, etc. Typical game days could include a 15-30 minute practice and then a game with another team afterward. 60-90 minutes total.

For more information on the Grand Slam program please visit the Baseball Manitoba website at http://www.baseballmanitoba.ca/grand-slam.

Age Groups 11U-18U

  • Mosquito 11U (players born in 2009, 2010; girls playing at this age group can be born in 2008)
  • Pee Wee 13U (players born in 2007, 2008; girls playing at this age group can be born in 2006)
  • Bantam 15U (players born in 2005, 2006; girls playing at this age group can be born in 2004)
  • 18U (players born in 2002, 2003, 2004; girls playing at this age group can be born in 2001)


*As per Baseball Manitoba regulations, girls can play an extra year/be an over aged player at each group starting at Mosquito 11U.


2020 Registration Fees:

7U Rally Cap


9U Grand Slam


11U Mosquito


13U Pee Wee


15U Bantam





Program and Game/Practice Dates

  • The season starts first week of May (weather permitting) and ends June 30. (AAA Teams are an exception)
  • Games are scheduled on the following nights for the following age groups:
    7U Rally Cap; Tuesday & Thursday OR Monday & Wednesday

9U Grand Slam; Tuesday & Thursday OR Monday & Wednesday

11U A - MON/WED (occasional Sunday games)
11U AA - TUE/THU (occasional Sunday games)
13U/15U/18U A - TUE/THU/SUN
​13U/15U/18U AA - MON/WED/SUN

  • Practices are determined/scheduled by the individual team coaches.
  • Playoffs for 11U to 18U teams are at the end of the regular season.
  • City playoffs are held the beginning of July.
  • For teams that qualify, Provincial Championships are usually held by the 3rd week of July.

Competitive Levels

  • 11U has two competitive levels (A & AA)
  • 13U/15U/18U has three competitive levels (AAA – high level of performance and coaching, AA – Competitive baseball, playing in a city wide league, A – Development house league baseball where no tryouts are required.)

All players will be required to supply their own glove, batting helmet and shoes/cleats.

Playing Fields

Dakota is part of the Bonivital Baseball Association, and games are played throughout the region. Home games for Dakota teams are played at the following locations:

  • George McDowell School (Rally Cap and Grand Slam teams)
  • Highbury Field (Grand Slam and Mosquito teams)
  • Burland Field (Grand Slam, Pee Wee and Bantam teams)
  • Whittier Park (18U teams)

Note: Rally Cap (7U), Grand Slam (9U) and Mosquito (11U) A games are all played within the Bonivital area, Mosquito (11U) AA and 13U, 15U and 18U games are played in various locations throughout the city.


Coaches are the cornerstone of the sport experience for young players and thus essential for the success of youth sport programs at Dakota CC. If you are interested in volunteering as a coach or manager in 2020, please let us know when registering online.

National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) http://www.baseballmanitoba.ca/coaches/training-certification/coaching-requirements



To view Dakota CC catchment area map click HERE.

Registration Dates & Late Fees:
​*Regular registration: Saturday, February 15 - until further notice
​*Late registration: late fees are waived at this time


Click the button below to register!



Baseball Convenor; Chris Chapman

or Director of Operations Mark Spencer at (204) 254-1010 ext. 212; mark@dakotacc.com