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Giving Back to the Dakota CC Community

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SANDY NEMETH (River Park South community correspondent, LRSD School Trustee & Dakota CC Board Member)

For the past two years, and on a regular basis, I’ve spent time with the residents of River Park South who make up the volunteer board of directors at Dakota Community Centre. We have different personalities, varied personal and professional backgrounds and lives, and a diversity of ideas, opinions, and approaches. The one thing we have in common, and what ultimately brought us together, is a deep and abiding belief in the value of DCC to its surrounding community, and a collective desire to see it evolve and flourish as a hub for a variety of recreational, social, and competitive sport activities and events.

Christian, Cory, Darren, Karlee, Anthony, Matthew, and myself have a combined skill set that informs decision-making related to community engagement, maintenance and construction, financial planning and accounting, and the law. We are parents, coaches, athletes, and volunteers elsewhere. We all believe in ‘giving back’ and see serving on the board as a way to do just that, finding the commitment and experience both rewarding and fulfilling.

There is a genuine camaraderie around the table that would suggest we’ve known each other for years. As a newcomer to the group, I was warmly welcomed and quickly felt I belonged, and this welcome has been similarly extended to those who arrived after I did. The learning curve is steep, but this is a supportive and encouraging group which makes a huge difference. Of course, it that helps that the CEO and staff of DCC are themselves personable, good-humoured, reassuring, and very, very good at what they do.

The board of directors at Dakota Community Centre is (from left) Christian Kennedy, Cory Shangreaux, Darren Neufeld, Sandy Nemeth, Karlee Batchelor, Anthony Maros, and Matthew Awang.

Together, as we all pull in the same direction, the future of Dakota Community Centre is bright. If you visit, you can learn more about the entire group and see what’s ahead for DCC.

Another year is almost in the rear-view mirror. Sometimes it is unbelievable the speed at which time goes by. I remain grateful to the Canstar team for giving me space to share my thoughts and I hope you’re finding what I share worthy of the time you invest in reading it.

Have a wonderful holiday season. Seek out the people, places, adventures, and activities that fill your heart and make you smile. Please check in on family members and friends that may be struggling, and may you have love and laughter surrounding you now and in the new year.

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