Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast With Santa!

Santa and Mrs. Claus stopped by the Dakota commnity Centre for this years' Annual Breakfast with Santa! This year we had a great breakfast provided by Robin's including breakfast sandwiches, donuts, coffee and hot chocolate. Sobeys St. Vital added to the meal with juice, yogurt, fruit and cookies for decorating! Famillies piled into the Jonathan Toews Sportsplex gymnasium to enjoy a great meal and holiday festivities! 

It was a full house for Santa and Mrs.Claus! Kids anxiously lined up to see them and ask for something special this Christmas. Karlheinz the Bubbleman delighted and dazzled the crowd with bubble tricks. From one thousand tiny bubbles to one giant encasing bubble, he held the attention of all the kids and called up a few brave volunteers to participate! 

Of course an event like this cannot run without the generous support of our sponsors and volunteers! Our 'Santa's Helpers' included M.P. Terry Duguid, M.L.A Rochelle Squires, Janice Morley-Lecomte, City Counsellor Markus Chambers, RBC volunteers, Sobeys St. Vital volunteers and Board Members Darren Neufeld and Teresa Toutant. Thank you!!

A big thank you to our sponsors!




Markus Chambers, City Counsellor

Rochelle Squires, Riel PC Association

Terry Duguid, Member of Parliament

Janice Morley-Lecomte, Seine River Association