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Peak of the Market Community Fresh Produce Program

Dakota Community Centre collaborated with the Peak of the Market Community Fresh Produce Program to deliver 20, 40lbs boxes of potatoes and onions to folks in need in the St.Vital and St.Boniface area.

We were able to deliver our produce donation to 6 different organizations within the community including Huddle South Central, CMHA – community housing with supports program, Access St.Boniface & the Woodydell Family Resource Centre. Through these organizations we will reach 80-120 families or individuals in need of fresh produce.

We will be facilitating donations again in September. If you are an organization or know of someone who may benefit from a donation please reach out to  

Special thanks to the volunteers from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Peak of the Market for their commitment to make Winnipeg a better place to live, work and play!

A guy goes into a store and asks if they sell Potato Clocks. The assistant says “Sorry sir, we don’t. We have battery clocks, electrical clocks, wind up clocks. In fact, I’ve never heard of a potato clock.” The man says…

“Neither have I, but I start my new job at nine tomorrow and my wife said I should get-a-potato clock.”

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