Optimal Training Academy

Until further notice, OTA sessions will not be available for the 2017 spring/summer training period.

Access to the Athletic Centre/Weight Room at Dakota CC is through the purchase of a membership. Information is available under the membership tab at http://bit.ly/2lTrs6r  Memberships to the Athletic Centre/Weight Room can be purchased at the Front Office at Dakota CC during regular business hours.  

Adult Programs

Individual Performance Training: Designed for those adults looking to improve their performance on the job or for their recreational activities. As you age, key physical components deteriorate, you will turn back the clock on father time and wonder why you didn’t do this earlier.

10 Sessions - $90 per person

Youth Program 

Individual Performance Training: This program will push athletes by improving their overall strength, core fitness and explosiveness. Participants can sign up for the entire 16 weeks or any one 4 week block. For Summer 2016, there are 5 session per week in May and June and as many as 10 sessions a week in July and August.

16 weeks - $1100 per person
4 week block - $275 per person

Team Performance Training: This program will push athletes, improving their fitness, core body, strength and explosiveness.Teams can sign up anytime for a minumum of 10 sessions. Teams may attend sessions to fit their schedules.

10 sessions - $90 per player (minumum 10 players per team)

Olympic Weightlifting

“The training methods of Olympic Weightlifting have been recognized for their value in training athletes in other sports. The most recognized reason is the effect of weightlifting on physical fitness including strength, power, explosiveness and flexibility. A second reason is that weightlifting as a skill develops motor coordination that transfers improved movement, quality in other sports.”

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